Regular Menu


Cinnamon Bundt served w/Cinnamon Syrup – $22
Blueberry Muffins w/Streusel Topping 6ct Lg – $18
Chocolate Chocolate Chip Muffins 6ct Lg – $18
Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Muffins 6ct Lg – $18
Chocolate Chip Cherry Bread w/Buttermilk Icing – $10
Old Fashioned Donut Bundt w/Icing – $20
Chocolate Orange Bundt w/Chocolate Orange Glaze – $22


Omelet Muffins 6ct Lg – $18
(Choose up to 5 ingredients)
-Bell Pepper
-Red or Yellow Onion
-Chili Flakes

Sleeve of New York Everything Bagels & Whipped Cream Cheese – $12
(Personalize the Cream cheese)
-Chili Flakes
-Chopped Onion

And don’t forget we’re open Thursdays through Saturdays 9-4
and Sundays 10-4
Serving Brunch that day until 1PM.

Just a reminder, for the safety of our staff and our other customers we must remain in compliance with the current CDC Guidelines.

Please wear a mask while standing or moving around the business, you may remove your mask once seated.