About BaseCamp Cafe & Info Lounge

Started in 2012, Basecamp Cafe & Info Lounge is located in the beautiful town of Pine Mountain Club, CA and is the perfect Southern California destination for travelers seeking great scenery, relaxation, and a lot of fun.

Enjoy a wide selection of delicious coffee, tea, smoothies, beer, wine and food spilling off the a la carte menu and traditional hospitality against a backdrop of mountains and trees.

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It’s that time of year where everywhere you look it’s pumpkin this and pumpkin that, well we waited but now it’s our turn!

Be on the look out for Pumpkin Pies, Pumpkin Bread, Pumpkin Muffins and every ones favorite the PSL, (Pumpkin Spice Lattes for those of you too cool to be mainstream). So get those taste-buds in gear and start ordering these classics, cause there’s just no fighting the Pumpkin onslaught so you might as well give in and ENJOY!

Open Wednesday thru Saturday 8-5
Sundays from 9-4
Open for
To-Go, Curbside, Outdoor Dining and Pantry orders.

(see bottom of this page for our website link and our pantry list)

(661) 242-2709
Fresh Baked Goods Daily
Delicious Food, Beer Wine and
Specialty Coffees

Want to hold a get together? Don’t want to do it in your house because of the Pandemic?
Call us
Let us help you organize something on the upper deck.

Brunch will only be around for a few more weekends so get in on that bottomless
Mimosa action while the weather lasts!
Sunday from 9-11AM

Basecamp Specials

Ham & Cheese Omelet $6.00
This Large Omelet is made with 4 eggs ham, cheese and
various seasoning to be the delicious protein kick to start
off your Sunday!

Breakfast Platter $7.75
3 Eggs scrambled, 3pieces of bacon, and toast with butter
and jam on the side.

Loaded Waffle $6.25
A Belgin Waffle, topped with butter, a strawberry drizzle
and whipped cream for the sugar hight comfort you so

Avocado Toast $7.75
Toasted sourdough bread with avocado, tomato, fresh basil &
lightly seasoned with salt & pepper. Vegan? Ask for it on
our Rosemary and Garlic Vegan Bread.

Breakfast Sandwich $5.85
Mini $4.35
Toasted Croissant or English muffin, Scrambled eggs, melted
cheese and your choice of Ham, Turkey, Bacon or sausage.

Grilled Cheese and Roasted Tomato Soup $7.95
In-House made fresh soup for that classic comfort food


Bottomless Momosa’s $9.00
Champagne and in-house Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice!

Two for One Bloody Mary $7.25
Class Bloody Mary with Celery, a Black Olive & a piece of Bacon.

Tecuya Tea $5.50
Basically a Long Island Iced Tea for a refreshing “Hair Of The Dog” kick!

Wine Spritzer $4.00
Your choice of…Chardonnay-Riesling-Sauvignon Blanc-Pinot Grigio-Rose with 7-UP.

All Beers and Wine are $2 Off during Brunch Last but not least, all of our delicious Caffeinated beverages for a different morning jolt!

These specials are only available on Sundays from 9am – 11am.

During Brunch we do not offer our regular menu.

Now Rumor has it that a few of the locals are going a little Stir Crazy and might put together a Comedy Workout on the upper deck, September 25th. You know, just to keep there chops in shape. Look for more information in next weeks Constant Contact.

We understand that there is some confusion regarding what restaurants can and can not do. Just to clarify Basecamp has not reopened for indoor seating. We are remaining constant to the services we have been providing since late March.

Open Wednesday thru Saturday 8-5 and Sundays 9-4. We offer to-go, curbside, pantry and outdoor seating. Our outside and upper deck tables are spaced at least 6 feet apart and all we ask is that everyone wear their masks while indoors ordering and until they are seated outdoors.

This will be our standard operating procedure until we are asked to do otherwise by the State, or this fall when the weather turns.

Also as I stated above we are still taking Pantry Orders, Because things are still a little iffy with our providers, it is prudent that we receive your order by 5 PM Mondays for the best chance of getting your order filled that week.

As always Alisa is here at 8AM making wonderful fresh baked goodies just for you! Stop by first thing to grab those fresh treats!

Please place your order before 5PM on Mondays for the best chance of getting your order filled that week! If you leave us a text, voicemail, or an email, please be sure you get a response from us that we received your order. (661) 242-2709.

Also, remember that fresh Lox and Salmon come in on Wednesdays, (at least we order it to do that, we know they have been short of late) so if you like it fresh not fresh frozen please be sure to place that order before 5pm Mondays..

Keep your eyes and ears open as it looks like we will have another Outdoor music event, Saturday July the 25th and an Outdoor Comedy Show scheduled for the 31st of this month. Like the last couple of shows both events will take place on the upper deck and the performers will be mic’d, so if you are a Patreon or would like to order dinner you can reserve one of our tables upstairs, or come and sit around the deck downstairs in your golf carts or lawn chairs. More information will be forth coming.

Please see our Food and Beverage Tab for Complete Menu, and the Pantry Tab for our Pantry Order list.”

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