While we are open Wednesday thru Saturday 8-5 and Sundays from 9-4, for to-go, curbside, outdoor seating and pantry orders, we want you to know we are gearing up to reopen for indoor seating, moving furniture, memorizing the CDC guidelines, waiting for our touch-less thermometer to arrive and sprucing up the outside, we even have an outdoor event planned for 4th of July weekend so keep your eyes and ears open for news of that event.

And Alisa is here baking away first thing Wednesday thru Saturday so “early bird gets the worm”, or in tomorrows case gets the quiche along with a variety of delicious muffins.

Due to our limited hours and the availability of product from our vendors we can not stress enough how important it is that you place any pantry orders during our regular business hours. Friday and Saturday 8-5 and Sundays 10-4 (661) 242-2709

That way we can do our best to meet your needs during the following week and Holiday baked goods should be ordered at least two days in advance.

If all goes as planned we should have fresh Salmon next week so place your order this weekend.

Basecamp Pantry Price List
Updated June 3rd 2020

✓ Wild Caught Fresh Salmon Fillet $5.00/each
✓ Chicken Breast $4.00/each (2 cutlets)
✓ Chicken Thighs 2 for $2.00
✓ Egg Flats (20) $7.50 or (30) for $10
✓ LOX 2.50 per oz (Nova Scotia sliced)
✓ Hand Carved Hickory Smoked Turkey Breast $6.00/lb
✓ Hand Carved Black forest Ham $5.50/lb
✓ Double Smoked Bacon $6.75/lb
✓ Salami (1/2lb Bag) $4.75
✓ Tofu (Firm) $4.00/package

✓ Carrots $2.00/lb
✓ Roma Tomatoes $3.00/lb
✓ Onions $1.00/lb
✓ Avocados $6.00/bag
✓ Romaine $1.00/head
✓ Celery $2.00/head
✓ Cucumber $2.50/head
✓ Cabbage $3.00 each
✓ Lemons $1.00 each
✓ Blueberries (Frozen) 2lb bag $6.00
✓ Oranges $1.00/lb

✓ Artisan White Bread $6.50
✓ Artisan Asiago or Gouda $8.00
✓ Artisan Wheat $6.50
✓ Artisan Garlic Rosemary $7.50
✓ Sliced Sourdough $6.50 a loaf
✓ Slice White/wheat artisan Sandwich loaf $6.50
✓ Double Pack of English Muffins (12 count) $5.50
✓ Bagels $5.50 per sleeve
✓ Homemade Banana Bread $8 per loaf
✓ Homemade pastry Pack $10 (mix & match 4 items)

✓ Half and Half $3.50 a quart
✓ Milk (2% only) $6.00 a gallon (Limited quantities)
✓ Almond Milk $4.50/quart
✓ Distilled Water $2.50/gallon
✓ Coconut Milk $4.00/quart
✓ Soy Milk $4.50/quart
✓ Rice Milk $4.50/quart
✓ Sliced Mild Cheddar Cheese $6.50/lb
✓ Mozzarella Cheese $4.50 1lb block
✓ Sour Cream $3.50 per 12oz tub
✓ Cream Cheese $3.00 per 8 oz block
✓ Dressings $3.50 – 12oz tub – Ranch, Italian, Blue Cheese and Caesar
✓ Mayo $3.00 per 12oz tub
✓ Flour $1.00/lb
✓ Vinegar 1 galoon $3.00
✓ Baking soda Large (2 lb) box $3.00
✓ Old Fashioned Rolled Oats $2.50/lb
✓ Butter $4.50/lb
✓ Sugar $2.00/lb
✓ Brown Sugar 2 lb bag $4.00
✓ Powdered Sugar $2.00/lb
✓ Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips $4.25/lb
✓ Honey Bear Bottles $6.50 Each
✓ Dried Parsley 2 oz $0.50 (cents) each

✓ Box of TEA $6 each
✓ Bag of Peet’s Coffee French Roast or Espresso (12oz) $10.00
✓ Fresh Squeezed juice 16oz $3.00
✓ Coconut Water $2.75 each
✓ S.Pellegrino Sparkling water Bottles $2.00 each
✓ Water Bottles $1
✓ Family Size Bag of Potato Chips (llb) $5.50
✓ 6 packs of Soda $5.50
✓ 1 KILO of Hankook Green Tea Sweet (Matcha) Mix $20
✓ 4 pack of Beer $8 (Mix n Match or all the same)
✓ Bottle of Wine $10.00
✓ 3lb (1 gallon) bag of ice $2.00

***Disclaimer – prices & items subject to change as they change from distributor – Some items come fresh some frozen***

***LOOKING TO SAVE???!!!*** –ASK about LARGE Quantity DISCOUNT****

***possible limits on quantity depending on item, subject to suppliers delivery***

Well let us help you fill those cupboards! Basecamp is doing our best to keep the doors open to serve our favorite community during this extraordinary time. We are open from 8-5 everyday and 10-2 on Sundays, for take out, curbside and delivery. Please visit our website at www.pmcbasecampcafe.com for our complete menu. In the mean time if there is something we can help you get to fill your pantry give us a call at (661) 242-2709

Basecamp cafe pantry orders

We can help keep your pantry full! Order with us and we can provide you with:

Basecamp’s Vegan pantry kit

✓ One salmon fillet
✓ One chicken breast
✓ Two chicken thighs
✓ One flat of eggs
✓ One loaf of artisan bread
✓ One pound of rice
✓ One pound of onions
✓ One pound of potatoes
✓ One pound of carrots
✓ One roll of toilets paper

All items for $35.00

✓ One Package tofu
✓ One bag of spinach
✓ One pound of Roma Tomatoes
✓ Head of lettuce
✓ One pound of potatoes
✓ One pound of onions
✓ One pound of carrots
✓ One pound of pinto beans
✓ One bag of avocados
✓ Vegan banana bread
✓ Vegan artisan garlic rosemary wheat bread
✓ A quart of almond or coconut milk

All items for $35.00

Order: Basecamp Cafe in PMC 661.242.2709

Also please remember we are still collecting supplies for the Frazier Mountain Community Resource Center. If you have something to spare please do so, the Resource Center really needs personal hygiene products right now, however any donation is greatly appreciated. Thank you for all your continued support.
Your Friends at Basecamp