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New single out now, music video coming soon <3 …

6 months (?!) into a very strange year, how are you all?

I could write a novel, but it’s 1:29 am at my time of writing this and my mind feels like a ticking bag of hammers so I’ll keep it short.

My new single ‘Better’ just went live on Spotify etc and wanted to give a quick shout out if you have a moment to give it some love <3 This one is sneaky (hits on the 3rd time, I swear) but it’s one of my favourites, and I hope you enjoy it 🙂

Lastly, I’ll be catching up with brilliant videographer/friend Cass Cleave to begin filming a music video for this one tomorrow and looking forward to the outcome, more updates to come soon <3 In the meantime, the first video Cass and I made (for ‘Dirty Money’) is somehow 3 years old this week, so I’ve linked to it below if you fancy watching. Alright, bed now. It’s only 1:45…

Click to watch 2017 music video for ‘Dirty Money’

Thanks always for your support, and for reading my rambles – *Ella

New single! Recorded and produced by Andrew Heringer in Los Angeles. Cover Photo by Ry Fulcher.

3 years since my first piece of original content, and the beginning of my life/career as I know it. Video for Dirty Money <3 filmed by Cass Cleave